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Exercise Routine

Everyday Health

Since the coronavirus pandemic last March (!!) I’ve been exercising more. And since I had to stay home (and am still at home), I had no excuse not to turn on YouTube and get moving. I feel healthier after I finish a session and mentally my mind is calmer.

So, what is my routine? Here it is.


-Strength training
-Cardio (a walk outside)


-Strength training
-Cardio (a walk outside)


Saturday and Sunday

It took me a while to get a good routine going, but there you have it. It works for me now, but I’ll need to modify this when I begin working.

And in case you were wondering what YouTube channels I use…

Bowflex, which is great for short, targeted exercise like three-minute standing abs workout.
POPSUGAR Fitness, for 30 minute cardio and strength routines.
Walk at Home, for easy cardio, by just walking and other exercises thrown in.
Yoga with Adriene, this is reserved for night time.

(In addition to my routine above, I’m doing the 30-Day Squat Challenge from Shape Magazine because, I want to. I’m on Day 18!)

Have you been exercising during the pandemic? I’d like to hear what your routine is!