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Monday Night=Game Night

I don’t remember how this Monday night game night started, but it’s fun! My boyfriend, his friend and his wife, and I get together at my boyfriend’s place to play a board game. I’m the one who gets to choose the game and for a while it was Marvel Champions, but we’ve switched it up by playing Wingspan and (lately) Mansions of Madness. If we can’t get together, we’ll jump on Steam & Discord and play Pandemic or Horrified.

Some of the heroes you can play Marvel Champions. Not shown is my favorite, Captain America 🙂
Credit: www.dicebreaker.com

The night starts at 7 P.M., and the friend and his wife bring their dinner over and the four of us eat. We play a game until 11 P.M., sometimes 12 A.M., depending on what it is. Since my boyfriend and his friend work from home and the ladies don’t work at all, ending late isn’t a problem.

In a time when social interactions are more important, it’s nice to do this every week. Note: my boyfriend has gotten his first COVID shot (getting the second today), and his friend and wife have been extra careful to not get sick. They mostly stay home. Same goes with me.

If you haven’t tried any of the games mentioned above, do so!! I especially like Marvel and Mansions of Madness. The latter being that there’s a companion app that features a story, which I like.

What are you favorite board games? Let me know in the comments!!