How’s 2021 treating you so far?

I had a long few days, starting with Monday night when I began experiencing a (sinus) headache PLUS a dehydration headache.

I thought that I’d be fine the next morning, and I was right, at least for the latter. My sinuses were still acting up and I was getting worried that it was COVID (I’m a worrywart). Oddly, my boyfriend had the same symptoms starting Monday night and went to get tested the next day. Thankfully, his test was negative.

I, however, waited until yesterday to see if my stuffiness and sinuses would get better, but no. I was having post nasal drip that resulted in coughing. So, just to be safe I called my doctors office and asked if they knew where I could get tested. I didn’t want to wait 2-3 days for my results, so I went down to the mobile testing lab which said results would be processed within 3-6 hours.

It was the longest six hours of my life.

I finished the test at 2:30pm, and when 5:30pm came and no email notification about my results, I gave the lab two more hours since it was still early.

No email at 8:30pm.

At that point, I was a little concerned. But, I went to bed and slept well (huh?)

This morning, I received that email…and went to log in to the system to check my results…and it was negative. (Looking at the timestamp, the lab finished processing my test close to 2:00am!!!)


Thank goodness.


Photo via beingtheoutlier.com

I wasted five hours (maybe more) worrying. Not good.

But, it’s during times like that that it really helps to have coping mechanisms ready so you don’t waste away your days wondering, “what if” thoughts. I’m still making these tips a habit, but hopefully you’ll find them useful too the next time you’re waiting for test results, COVID or not.

Distraction: Queue up Netflix and watch a feel good show. Or get off the computer and watch TV. Read. Text someone. Get outside. Since it was night and I was still waiting for the results, I took a shower. There was no way I could repeatedly check my email that way.

Vent: Sometime last night, I texted my boyfriend, saying how hard it was to wait for the results. I briefly mentioned my concern to my dad. I felt better after those interactions and found that I could focus a little easier on something other than my results after letting it out. Getting all of the worrisome thoughts out of your head and onto paper, or telling someone about how you’re feeling will ease your mind.

Re-frame negative thoughts: This is one that I feel lifts my spirits up instantly. Instead of thinking, “What if my test is positive?” re-frame the question as, “What if my test is NOT positive?” Try it. Don’t you feel better already?

Continue to stay safe!! We can get through this!!