Valentine’s, Men, and Gifts

I’m not the type to get hyped up about Valentine’s Day. Having spent majority of my life single, February 14 always made me feel sad and, if I’m being honest, a little irritated. Sad, because seeing girls in high school carrying roses and/or balloons around campus made me realize how single I was; and irritated because I didn’t understand why there needed to be a DAY dedicated to showing your love.

I knew that Valentine’s Day wasn’t only about romantic love (my dad always gave me a box of chocolates and a card), but boy, it sure felt like it. Whenever the Valentine’s Day commercials started, I groaned and switched stations. I avoided social media because I didn’t want to see everyone’s posts to their SO’s and make me feel even MORE alone.

Even when my first Valentine’s Day with my ex was approaching, I wasn’t too excited about it because it was ingrained in me that the day of love was just another day. I didn’t even buy him anything…

However, this year is different.

I’m actually stressing a little over what to get my new boyfriend, who, after this past Saturday (I’ll type up a post about that later this week), deserves to be pampered. Or, at least be given a gift.


I went to Target today and browsed their Valentine’s Day aisles. I thought he’d like candy, so I bought him the limited edition Lindt’s LINDOR Strawberries and Cream truffles (he can’t eat chocolate, and he loves strawberries).

But that’s not enough…

What else do guys want on Valentine’s Day?? As gifts?? Do guys even WANT to be given chocolate??


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