The Inner Critic

I’m no stranger to criticism in general. I get it from everybody–partners, my dad, a manager. Criticism is inevitable. And while it hurts to get feedback on your hard work as being not up to snuff, it’s easy to do a better job next time. But the most harmful criticism is from ourselves. The inner … Continue reading The Inner Critic

BTS Appreciation Post

I’ve never been into foreign language music, except for Spanish because it was a nice language and I liked Shakira. 🙂 But, BTS has been my favorite lately. I’m not a die hard fan, but right now I’m curious and excited for “Butter.” I was perplexed by them after seeing a performance on the Ellen … Continue reading BTS Appreciation Post

Mother’s Day 2021

This will mark the second year that my mother has been gone. She passed away in the summer of 2019 from complications after brain surgery to remove a small, noncancerous tumor in her pituitary gland. Although I’ve long accepted that she’s not coming home from a long vacation, and have gone through all the stages … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2021

Monday Night=Game Night

I don’t remember how this Monday night game night started, but it’s fun! My boyfriend, his friend and his wife, and I get together at my boyfriend’s place to play a board game. I’m the one who gets to choose the game and for a while it was Marvel Champions, but we’ve switched it up … Continue reading Monday Night=Game Night

Exercise Routine

Since the coronavirus pandemic last March (!!) I’ve been exercising more. And since I had to stay home (and am still at home), I had no excuse not to turn on YouTube and get moving. I feel healthier after I finish a session and mentally my mind is calmer. So, what is my routine? Here … Continue reading Exercise Routine


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