Monday Night=Game Night

I don’t remember how this Monday night game night started, but it’s fun! My boyfriend, his friend and his wife, and I get together at my boyfriend’s place to play a board game. I’m the one who gets to choose the game and for a while it was Marvel Champions, but we’ve switched it up … Continue reading Monday Night=Game Night

Exercise Routine

Since the coronavirus pandemic last March (!!) I’ve been exercising more. And since I had to stay home (and am still at home), I had no excuse not to turn on YouTube and get moving. I feel healthier after I finish a session and mentally my mind is calmer. So, what is my routine? Here … Continue reading Exercise Routine


How’s 2021 treating you so far? I had a long few days, starting with Monday night when I began experiencing a (sinus) headache PLUS a dehydration headache. I thought that I’d be fine the next morning, and I was right, at least for the latter. My sinuses were still acting up and I was getting … Continue reading Health

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